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10 Sonoma County Spots for Seeing Mustard in Bloom

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Mustard flowers are turning Sonoma County's vineyards and valleys a vibrant yellow, adding a pop of color to the local landscape and social media feeds.

If you’d like to take in the scenery or capture it with your camera or smartphone, we’ve listed some of our favorite public places for mustard-flower appreciation. And to make the experience true Sonoma-style, we’ve also included nearby places for a bite and a glass of wine.

Please remember to be mindful of plants and wildlife and respectful of private property — no trespassing, of course.

Sonoma County mustard season Alexander Valley
Alexander Valley

Sonoma County's Alexander Valley abounds with mustard flowers in late winter and early spring. Just after you turn from Alexander Valley Road onto Highway 128, both sides of the road are covered in bright yellow flowers. 

B.R. Cohn Winery
B.R. Cohn Winery

B.R. Cohn Winery’s iconic "mustard flower hill" turns yellow and white during spring, offering a gorgeous view during a drive down Highway 12 in Sonoma Valley. Just make sure to keep an eye on the road when driving past. Stop by the winery for a glass of chardonnay.

Kunde Family Winery mustard field
Kunde Family Winery (Photo by Rebecca Gosselin for Sonoma Magazine)

Kunde Family Winery in Kenwood is covered in mustard flowers come February and March. Stop by Palooza Gastropub for craft beer and pub bites on their expansive patio. 

Mustard field
Mustard blooms

The Joe Rodota Regional Trail between downtown Santa Rosa and Sebastopol borders yellow mustard fields in late winter/early spring. Stop alongside the road for some photos (please note that properties bordering the trail are private). Take the family for a bike ride to Sebastopol and stop by The Barlow for a snack or drink.

At Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, find outdoor sculptures surrounded by mustard in bloom. Then sip wine paired with small bites on the winery veranda.

Mustard field at Gloria Ferrer Vineyards
Gloria Ferrer Vineyards (Photo Courtesy Gloria Ferrer Vineyards)

Sonoma's Carneros Valley has a cooler climate than other parts of the county, making it perfect for pinot noir and mustard flowers. The best view of the valley is from Gloria Ferrer Vineyards, where you can enjoy sparkling wines and Spanish tapas on a terrace overlooking mustard fields. 

Imwalle Gardens
Imwalle Gardens (Photo Courtesy Imwalle Gardens)

Imwalle Gardens on Third Street in Santa Rosa is a small family-owned market surrounded by homes and, during spring, fields of mustard flowers. Pick up some picnic provisions at the market or flower starters for your garden. The mustard flowers grow on private property so please keep your distance.

Laguna de Santa Rosa
Laguna de Santa Rosa

Laguna Environmental Center, located off Occidental Road near Sebastopol, is another good spot for mustard-flower appreciation. During heavy rains, the area tends to flood, but across the street from the Laguna de Santa Rosa, the mustard flowers shine brightly. After admiring the mustard flowers, head to Balletto Vineyards for some brut rosé sparkling on their patio.

On Tomales Road in Petaluma, you will be able to enjoy a serene countryside landscape blanketed in mustard flowers and dotted with dairy farms. Make a pit stop at Petaluma Creamery in downtown Petaluma for some Spring Hill cheese curds. 

West Dry Creek Valley Road offers more of an intimate country road experience than that of its parallel road, Dry Creek Valley Road. You can view mustard flowers along the road in late winter/early spring. With less cars on the road, it is a more relaxing route to travel — especially on bike. Visit Quivira Vineyards for wine and learn how bees pollinate the plants in their organic garden. Continue to Martorana Family Winery & Vineyards for a glass of zin and Mounts Family Vineyards for breathtaking valley views and a glass of grenache. 

Written by Sonoma Magazine Staff