Sonoma County SAFE Travels Promise


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While the calendar might not read summer quite yet, the thermometer, lush vineyards, and fields of lavender would suggest otherwise. However, summer looks and feels a lot different this year. We, too, are eager to dip our toes in the ocean, toast wine-filled glasses amidst the vineyards, and savor a memorable meal together al fresco.

With restrictions beginning to ease, we imagine you’re eager to start planning your trip to Sonoma County – and we’re excited to welcome you back soon! As you’re planning your trip here, we would like to introduce our SAFE Travels Promise, and ask that you read and abide by each principle.

View Sonoma County's Health & Safety Protocols

Be Smart

Practice high standards of hygiene and observe all Sonoma County health regulations, even if they differ from those in your home city or state. Masks are required throughout our region. Click here for the latest Sonoma County updates and health protocols.

Be Safe

Take the precautions needed to ensure your time here is safe. Consider the impact of any action and observe all restrictions.

Be Kind

Everyone is doing their best in spite of many extraordinary challenges. Exercise extra patience during these trying times.

Stay Healthy

The health and well-being of our visitors, our residents and our employees are our top priority. Be thoughtful and cautious.

The SAFE Travels Promise is an extension of our Travel Kindly Pledge, launched last year, to help travelers enjoy a visit to Sonoma County while protecting our treasured natural and cultural resources. That commitment to safety, well-being, our community, and each other, is important now, more than ever.

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