Sonoma County Whiskies for World Whisky Day

Sonoma County Expert

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This weekend marks World Whisky Day (falling on the third Saturday in May every year), a global celebration of whisk(e)y. Sonoma County may be known for wine, with more than 425 wineries, but there are also many distilleries, too. Sonoma County even has its own distillery festival, the Wine Country Distillery Festival.

So for World Whisky Day, we’re sharing some of Sonoma County’s whiskies, many of which are currently available for pick-up, and in some cases, shipping (discover some of those in our recent craft drinks blog post).

Click here for a complete list of Sonoma County distilleries.

Sonoma Distilling Company

Sonoma Distilling Company was one of the first distilleries in Sonoma County, opening a decade ago. While many Sonoma County distilleries produce a wide range of spirits, Sonoma Distilling Company specializes in whiskey. Located in Rohnert Park, their portfolio of whiskies include a couple different styles of rye and bourbon.

Picture of distiller at Sonoma County Distilling sniffing small glass of whiskey

Sonoma Brothers

Located in Windsor’s Artisan Alley, Sonoma Brothers was started by two brothers, Christopher and Brandon Matthies, who grew up in Sonoma County. Their goal was to bring handcrafted, authentic spirits to a place best known for wine. You see that in some of their more unique offerings, such as a limited release apple brandy. Sonoma Brothers’ whiskies include a bourbon and a rye.

Spirit Works

Spirit Works, located in Sebastopol, was started by husband and wife duo, Timo and Ashby Marshall. They have a wide variety of spirits, including Sloe Gin, which pays homage to Timo’s English roots, where his family has been refining their sloe gin recipe for generations. Spirit Works' whiskies include a wheat whiskey, rye, and four-grain bourbon.

Picture of spirit works bottles of whiskey

Alley 6

Alley 6 was started in Healdsburg in 2012 by Krystle and Jason Jorgensen. They produce premium grain-to-glass spirits in small batches using traditional distilling techniques. Alley 6 produces two whiskies, a rye and a single malt. They also have a canned Old Fashioned cocktail, which is made with their rye and Candy Cap mushroom bitters.

Picture of bottles of spirits on top of table

Prohibition Spirits

Prohibition Spirits, located in the Sonoma Valley, has one of the largest portfolio of spirits you’ll find, featuring more than 30 products. Starting with Limoncello, their menu of spirits has grown to include gin, rum, brandy, specialty spirits, and of course, whiskey. Prohibition Spirits' whiskey line is called Hooker's House, and includes bourbon, rye, bourbon, wheat, and unaged whiskies.