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Sonomic Almost Vinegar: This magical elixir is like a balsamic vinegar, but different. It has a rich, bright flavor with only a hint of the acid of vinegar. To capture the essential grape flavors and create a silky texture, Sonomic is made in small batches. It took more than two years to perfect the process to make this unique “almost” vinegar, to blend sweet and tart while maintaining the rich character.

One taste, and anyone who loves good food begins fantasizing about sweet and savory recipes featuring Sonomic. This is not vinegar in any ordinary sense of the word.
Artisan Producer
How to Order Products: Order online at http://shop.portworks.com/purchase/sonomic or through Sonoma Portworks, at 707-769-5203.
Product Information: Sweet, tart, rich, refreshing, simple, and elegant all at once. Made with Muscat and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, it’s like nothing you’ve tasted before. We keep our exclusive recipe under wraps.

But our secret is your secret ingredient. Just a sprinkle elevates salad to an impressive culinary treat. A drizzle turns grilled meat into a four-star meal. A splash or two makes club soda into a sophisticated sipper. Sonomic is less acidic than vinegar and richer than balsamic. It’s the secret ingredient that will revolutionize everything from your fruits and veggies to your desserts and drinks.
Products Offered:
Olive Oil/Vinegar
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