Wind & Rye Kitchen

Few things are more intimate than food.

  • Description
  • Few things are more intimate than food. Sharing a meal together nourishes our body and feeds our soul. Located on the private farm of owners Laci and Travis Sandoval, Wind & Rye Kitchen was created to celebrate our personal relationship with food through the ritual of eating on special occasions and in our daily lives. Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding cake or a memorable meal shared with friends under a starry night sky, we welcome you to feast with us.

    So much of how we connect is food-driven. It’s why the kitchen is the heart of the home and sharing a meal bonds us. We invite you to participate in this special ritual through our many upcoming farm-to-table dinners, cooking classes, food growing lessons, nutritional information sessions, and more. Our events and meals will be experiences meant to rekindle our sense of community and share a love of food.

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