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Cultivated in Sonoma County

Introducing ‘Cultivated in Sonoma County,’ a video series showcasing some of the local makers and artisans who help make Sonoma County so unique.

Sonoma County is a progressive community of artisans, who create products and experiences for visitors and residents alike. Some are part of multi-generational families who’ve made their mark on Sonoma County for many years. Others, meanwhile, have chosen Sonoma County above all other places, to showcase their craft. Discover their stories below.

Featured: Meet Clay Mauritson of Mauritson Family Winery

Clay Mauritson, one of the owners and founder of Mauritson Wines in the Dry Creek Valley, belongs to an important part of Sonoma County history: He's a fifth-generation member of the Mauritson family, one of the oldest grapegrowers in not only the county, but all of California.

"We homesteaded our original property in 1868," Mauritson says. More than 150 years ago, Clay's great-great-great grandfather, S.P. Hallengren, was a Swedish immigrant who became a grapegrowing pioneer on land he called Rockpile, a steep, rocky swath of sun-drenched hills at the northern end of the Dry Creek Valley.

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Meet Duskie Estes
If you think you've seen her before, it's because she's appeared on popular cooking shows like Top Chef, Beat Bobby Flay, The Next Iron…
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Meet Alana Tillman
Sebastopol-based artist and entrepreneur Alana Tillman was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) that left her…
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Meet Donna Pacheco
Donna Pacheco is a cheesemaker, a mom, a grandmother, a tour guide — just about anything the Achadinha Cheese Company needs her to be.
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Meet Farmer Leslie Wiser
See how Radical Family Farms puts a Sonoma County spin on traditional farming by centering on inclusivity and culinary culture through their…
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Meet Herbalist Erin Wilkins
Erin Wilkins is bringing a Sonoma County spin to Asian American herbalism and holistic health care.
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Meet Winemaker Brad Beard
Brad Beard brings some of his favorite wines he's had around the world to the small Northern Sonoma County town of Geyserville.
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Meet Jenny and Mike Griffo
Jenny and Mike talk about what brought them to Sonoma County, and share about the community they've found here.
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Clay Mauritson, one of the owners and founder of Mauritson Wines in the Dry Creek Valley, belongs…
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