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Unveiling of Time Capsule at Courthouse Square

Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 10:00am - 11:00am
Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa
Courthouse Square
Santa Rosa, California 95401
For More Information:
Contact: Cynthia Leung
Local: 7075791500
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On March 16, 1968, two capsules were buried in Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa. About 1,000 people came to the dedication ceremony for the two capsules, one to be opened in 2018, and the second to be opened in 2068. On March 17, 2018, the first time capsule will be publicly unveiled in a ceremony at Courthouse Square, as part of the City’s Sesquicentennial celebratory activities and afterwards, will be brought to the History Museum to be displayed to the general public, beginning March 24. The second time capsule will remain in the ground until 2068.


For more information about the City of Santa Rosa's Sesquicentennial celebrations, please go to https://santarosacity150.com/.


This event is organized by the City of Santa Rosa Sesquicentennial Committee and the Historical Society of Santa Rosa.