Souful Travel

Soulful Travel in Sonoma County

Soulful Travel is more than simply taking a trip. When traveling with intention, the experience can feed your soul, enrich your life, help you relax, rejuvenate and restore inner peace. Traveling is about making memories and lasting impressions that inspire and stay with you, and improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

In Sonoma County, we invite you to take that trip. We invite travelers to experience the subtleties of visiting one of the most stunning corners of America. We share stories that will help you unplug, unwind, and ultimately, slow down just enough to uncover something within yourself. This couldn't be more important than right now.

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Changing Your Focus
Mankind dreams of one day journeying across the universe, but can you yourself do it right where you are without a rocketship?
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Seeing the Beauty
When the rainy season comes to Sonoma County, it’s the perfect time to take a Romantic walk in the woods — by yourself. Pick a day when the sun has just peeked through the rain…
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Hearing the Forest
You’ve heard the roar of the ocean at our beautiful Sonoma coastline, but what about the roar of the forest? And what might its arboreal howl be trying to tell you?
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Listening To Your Heart
Listen to your head, right? It’s reasonable and can solve complex math problems. Or wait, listen to your heart because it’s sentimental and feelings rank higher than thoughts.…
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Enjoying the Journey
Is life a journey from A to Z, with many stops along the way that once visited are gone forever? Or is a different image more apropos? Let’s go outside and sit under a tree and…
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Letting Go
With all the uncertainty these days, you may not feel in charge of your life — spread thin and stressed out is more like it. But you can feel powerful starting right now, and…
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Doing Nothing
It's a bedazzling paradox to think that by just sitting and ostensibly doing nothing we can establish a connection not only to the deepest parts of ourselves, but that…