Bodega Bay Marina with boats
Spud Point Marina in Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay Farmers Markets and Farms

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Visitors to the Sonoma Coast town of Bodega Bay are in for a wonderful treat. Not only can they pick up fresh-off-the-farm produce and products at the delightful farmers market, but they can also buy (or dine on) seafood that arrived in the town's port that morning.

Farmers Market 

The Bodega Bay Community Farmers Market runs on Sunday mornings from Memorial Day (May) through October. It offers locally-grown heirloom and organic fruits and vegetables; locally-raised beef, goat, duck, pork, and poultry; fish just off the boat; duck or chicken eggs; cheeses, breads, and many other artisan-produced foods. In addition, hot foods are on sale. Held at the Community Center, the market brings out locals and attracts visitors. Live music gets people dancing, and there's always a feel-good atmosphere here.

Fresh-Caught Seafood 

Bodega Bay is a great place to indulge in seafood crab, salmon, rockfish, and more — taken right off a local boat.

Fishetarian Fish Market sells hand-selected fish from the daily catch; take it home and cook a great meal, or order up fish tacos, prawn and chips, and more from the menu.

Hunker down at one of Spud Point Crab Company's picnic tables and bite into a fresh crab sandwich while gazing at fishing boats docked nearby.

Grab a casual dinner at the Tides Wharf Restaurant, where scenes from 'The Birds' were filmed.

Go all out with a meal at Terrapin Creek Café, which earned national acclaim for its seasonal menus using the finest, freshest ingredients in inventive pairings, in a casual, neighborly atmosphere.

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Written by Sonoma Insider Suzie Rodgriguez.