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Camping with Your Dog in Northern California

Taking your dog on your next camping trip is easy in Sonoma County.

Have a yen to pitch a tent and get close to nature — with your favorite canine in tow? If so, numerous Sonoma County campgrounds welcome vacationing four-legged family members. Rules and regulations vary, but you’ll typically need to keep Fido on a leash during the day and inside your tent or RV at night.

Browse through all Sonoma County campgrounds here, you can even search for "pet friendly."

Here’s an overview of “pooch camping” in Sonoma County:

Sonoma County Regional Parks

Most campgrounds in the regional park system allow dogs on a leash, charging a nightly fee of $2 per dog (no pooches permitted in “environmental” campsites, though).

Campsites are available in Doran Park, Gualala Point Park, Hood Mountain Park, Spring Lake Park, Stillwater Cove Park, and Westside Park

California State Parks

Dogs are allowed in most state campgrounds (except for those designated as “environmental”). They must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet at all times. Except for service animals, pets are not allowed in park buildings, on trails (unless specifically designated), or on most beaches.

Private Campgrounds

Most of the county’s private campgrounds allow dogs (be sure to double-check and ask questions before booking, in case the situation changes).

Here’s a look at what’s in store for Fido at a few of Sonoma County’s campgrounds:

Cloverdale Wine Country KOA Camping Resort welcomes most dogs, but insurance restrictions prevent them from accepting doberman, rottweiler or pit bull breeds or mixes. All pets must be on a leash, maximum six feet. 

Ocean Cove Campground allows dogs to stay overnight for a $2 nightly charge. When not in the tent or vehicle, they must be on leash at all times. 

Casini Ranch Family Campground, along the Russian River, allows dogs for $1 per day. Pets cannot be left unattended, must be leashed, and must stay in the RV or tent at night. 

(By the way, if you’re camping on the Russian River, check out the full-day Memorial Beach-to-Wohler Bridge inflatable canoe trip offered by Russian River Adventures: it’s dog-friendly, with a long river section where dogs can swim and have fun in the water.)

Porto Bodega Marina & RV Park allows dogs on a leash. 

Race Sonoma Campground — which operates only during major races at Sonoma Raceway — permits pets in camping areas only. Only service dogs can enter the raceway itself. 

Written by Sonoma Insider Suzie Rodriguez

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