The exterior of the winery is surrounded by trees and gardens in Sonoma County
Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens

Guide to Visiting Kendall-Jackson Winery

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Kendall-Jackson is one of the biggest names in California wine, and Sonoma County wine country is K-J's home turf. And there's much more to visiting Kendall-Jackson Winery than wine tasting: it's an educational and culinary experience.

The Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate and Gardens is located just north of Santa Rosa, at the gateway to northern Sonoma County wine country. Although it's convenient to the 101 freeway and there is ample parking available, the visitor center has a peaceful, park-like setting. It invites strolling through the rose gardens and the vines, provides the shade of a gazebo amid the trees, and offers learning opportunities in the culinary and red and white wine "sensory gardens." Both self-guided tours and guided tours with wine tasting  are available.

Join the Court of K-J 

The chateau is lit up at night in front of a colorful sky from the setting sun
Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens

Jackson Family Wines purchased the former Chateau de Baun in 1996. Surrounded by vineyards, but convenient to the 101 freeway, the building is styled like a French chateau, surrounded by lush gardens and vineyards. Modern highlights inside include a vertigo-inducing video loop display that swoops and plunges across Kendall-Jackson's many mountain vineyards.

The Range of Kendall-Jackson Wines 

A line up of many wines, whites and reds, that Kendall jackson produces are showcased on a table with flowers

Everybody familiar with the supermarket wine section knows K-J's Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay. 

But for those who'll have nothing to do with the buttery, oaky style that made K-J a household name, the Avant Chardonnay is aged in equal parts stainless steel and 'neutral' barrels that do not impart a woody essence, but round out the crisp edges of its fresh pear flavor. The Grand Reserve Chardonnay is a step up from the familiar Vintner's, having soft caramel and crisp lemon flavors in lesser amounts and higher quality.

Jackson Estate and Stature Cabernet Sauvignon round out the selection of K-J's top wines with more limited availability. Both signature tastings and estate tastings  are usually available without appointment, but go ahead and check with the winery before you get there.

Food Pairings and Tips for Visitors 

The vegetable and herb garden at its peak in the summer time

It's food that really stars here. K-J holds a harvest celebration (formerly the heirloom tomato festival) and a seasonal Farm-to-Table dinner series, both featuring produce from the extensive onsite culinary gardens And a new, improved, culinary wing was opened in 2013 to house the gourmet food and wine pairing program. The expanded menu of executive chef Justin Wangler's artfully prepared 'amuse bouche' temptations and other dishes are made in a big, open kitchen for reserve wine and food pairings. Wine and cheese and wine and chocolate pairings also are available. Wander through the Kendall-Jackson demonstration vineyard, originally planted by viticulture students at Santa Rosa Junior College, to study up on the difference between Pinot Meunier and Merlot. 

Just in case there's a test! Ampelography is the practice of identifying grapevines, beginning with the shape of the leaves. When it's close to harvest, grape clusters provide you with a few hints, too.

Meet the Winemaker

A man with a grey beard and mustache stands in front of green vineyards
Randy Ullom, Winemaster

Kendall-Jackson actually has many winemakers but only one wine master. Since 1997, Randy Ullom has coordinated winemaking operations for this large, but family-owned company. You can find an in-depth interview with Kendall-Jackson winemaster Randy Ullom here.

Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens, 5007 Fulton Road, Fulton, 707-576-3810. 

Written by Sonoma Insider James Knight