Shops line the street along Main Street in Sebastopol
Main Street, Sebastopol

Shops You Won't Want To Miss in Downtown Sebastopol

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When you visit downtown Sebastopol in western Sonoma County, you'll get a small town, main street kind of experienceand a shopper's delight.

There are way more than a few great shops in Sebastopol you won't want to miss, so this list is just a tasting menu, to whet your shopping appetite. Park your car in any of the downtown lots and stroll around tree lined streets. It's time to indulge your inner shopper.


A huge purple geode on display

If it's been awhile since you've let yourself feel a childlike wonder at the stunning beauty of rock formations, this shop is your opportunity to catch up. You'll find sparkling geodes the size of armchairs and highly polished multi-chambered ammonites, as well as the graphic and distinctly modern patterns of ancient fossils caught in stone that have been crafted to hang on the wall. 

Don't forget to check out the jewelry made from local river and beach stones, or dazzling "Lake County Diamonds"which in reality are sparkling, water-clear quartz. They're called diamonds not only because of their exceptional hardness but also for their dazzling brilliance. If you can imagine it, it's here: everything from small bits of gemstones to home furnishings made out of polished rock formations … agate dinnerware, anyone?


Luxurious bath products from Sumtime Spa at Sumbody
Sumtime Spa at Sumbody

A few doors down the street is Sumbody. You may have read about their locally crafted products in O Magazine, Cosmopolitan, W, InStyle…the list goes on. And stars like Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Kerri Washington, and Kevin Bacon are just some of their famous fans.

What provokes such loyalty and accolades across the country? These products are created in small batches, using as many locally sourced and organic ingredients as possible. Each is a unique creation of the founder and her team, so you won't find anything like it anywhere else.

Sumbody has a wide range of offerings for everyone in the family, including babies. It's worth stopping by just to take in the possibilities for pampering, restoring, and healing your body–whether it's their Milky Rich soap, sensual bath bon bons, or your own custom-made skin care regimen.

Artisana Functional Art 

Green sea glass and gold jewelry from Artisana Functional Art
Artisana Functional Art

The philosophy behind this store is evident soon after entering: to support artists that bring one-of-a-kind beauty and creativity to the act of everyday living. Every item is crafted to be a kind of heirloom piece, something you'd be happy to give and honored to receive.

Some of the artists' pieces are local, such as richly hand-tooled leather journals by Oberon from Santa Rosa, Mark Ehermann's glittering hammered gold and silver jewelry, and Deborah Padrick's dyed silk scarves. Of course, you can also go global with eco-friendly and totally fun "pop top" purses created by Escama Studio in Brazil. You'll find that each artist has personally signed the tag on the purses they created.

In addition to fashion statements, Artisana showcases a large array of elegant and eclectic home furnishings crafted out of reclaimed wood, metal and stone; or baskets made out of local woods and vines; as well as pottery, glassware and forged iron. In short, you'll find something that you may not want to live without here. After all this store (and the one in San Francisco) is curated by an artist herself: check out the paintings by Tej Greenhill. 

Sign on exterior of Sebastopol shopping center The Barlow
The Barlow

If you have some shopping energy left, check out the stores, galleries, restaurants, tasting rooms, and more in The Barlow, a 12.5-acre marketplace located just northeast of the downtown area. 

And for more ideas, check out 5 Fun Things to Do in Sebastopol, Sebastopol Arts & Culture, and the Sebastopol Downtown Association.

Written by Sonoma Insider Vicky Ness