The Sonoma County Guide to Wellness

Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

Look no further than Sonoma County for nature-filled vacations that recharge and refresh the mind, body and soul before heading back into the daily rituals of life.

Here in Sonoma County, that dream wellness retreat can be DIY thanks to a growing outdoor yoga scene (often set to the backdrop of the ocean or rolling vineyards), hundreds of miles of hiking trails meandering through redwoods or along ocean bluffs, and an abundance of charming towns filled with farms, farmers’ markets, and restaurants dishing out seasonal delights that often come directly from the property or from just miles away.

Here in Sonoma County, we take a holistic approach to wellness. Wineries, restaurants, hotels, and everything in between incorporate wellness into the Sonoma County experience.

Below, take your mind, body and soul on a Sonoma County wellness getaway as you plan your next Sonoma County trip.

A Holistic Approach to Spas, Massages and Skincare

Experience true bliss by spending a week at one of Sonoma County’s destination spas that are as gentle on the planet as they are on you. The spa sanctuaries in Sonoma County bring guests in harmony with nature and provide a sense of place. That sense of place is evident in the many therapies that utilize locally-sourced ingredients, like honey, lavender and goat milk.

sonoma county bee company products
Sonoma County Bee Company Products

What’s more, Sonoma County’s al fresco massages and evolving skincare packages help with de-stressing, ache and pain relief, improved blood flow, and radiant skin. Additional irresistible benefits include stimulating the relaxation part of the brain and eliminating toxins. It’s a win-win.

Explore the diverse range of treatment options available at Sonoma County’s Spa & Wellness Retreat Centers, where you can enjoy everything from traditional full-body treatments to unique experiences like a Cedar Enzyme Bath at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary or spring forest honey ginger massage at the Farmhouse Inn.

osmosis day spa cedar enzyme bath
Cedar Enzyme Bath at Osmosis Day Spa

Try a New Wellness Treatment

Many holistic treatments have been circulating our written and oral histories for hundreds of years, like using cryotherapy to promote healing. Step into Sonoma Cyro’s modern cryogenic chamber to explore how healing is stimulated by cold temperatures or sweat it out inside the infrared sauna in an age-old way to detox.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that Sonoma County has no shortage of integrative health clinics, physicians and therapists healing guests with massage, chiropractic adjustments, naturopathy, Ayurveda, acupuncture, detox programs, life coaching, aromatherapy, and so much more.

Elsewhere, the “Mother of Herbalism,” Rosemary Gladstar has been making herbal teas in Sebastopol since the 1970s. You might have seen her brand, Traditional Medicinals, on store shelves. She also started Rosemary’s Garden, an herbal apothecary in Sebastopol, and the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville.

These modalities are some of the oldest practiced in the world, used to prevent and treat common ailments like headaches and body pain or occasional things like gut sensitivity and skin issues. All of these services bridge the gap between healthcare and self-care, helping clients integrate positive lifestyle changes through nutrition, movement, and more.

Whether you are looking to get a vitamin boost with B-12 shots at places like Sonoma Roots, try acupuncture at Herb Folk in Petaluma, or learn more about Ayurvedic healing at the Kayakalpa Alchemy Foundation in Glen Ellen, Sonoma County is an ideal integrative health destination wherever you are on your wellness journey. Treat yourself to wellness products made right here in Sonoma County using the most natural local ingredients. Wellbeing centers like the Dhyana Center, Well SonomaFarmacopia, and Pulse + Needle all offer ways to recalibrate your wellness habits so that you can stress less daily. Self-care isn’t just for Sundays.

Hiking, Cycling, and Kayaking to Physical and Mental Fitness

Get out into the great outdoors of Sonoma County to naturally destress. Discover new trails and paths all over Sonoma County’s rural areas, mountains, rolling hills, rivers, forests, and 55 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline that help soothe and heal the soul by encouraging mental fitness. This ranges from coastal state parks, like Sonoma Coast State Park, to scores of regional parks like Shiloh Regional Park to redwood groves that dot the region. With jaw-dropping views in every region of Sonoma County Wine Country, increasing physical strength and connecting with nature is easier than ever.

pomo canyon trail
Pomo Canyon Trail

Explore our Guide to Hiking in Sonoma County for a wide range of options for hikers of all levels, such as towering redwood trails, vineyard hikes, and paths that meander atop bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Take to a fresh perspective of Sonoma County’s vineyard views by cycling through some of the most coveted bike routes in the region. Activate your metabolism and feed your psyche with our Guide to Cycling. Take to the West County Regional Trail that runs between the towns of Sebastopol and Forestville, or for the more adventurous, cruise the entirety of the historic Valley of the Moon (a.k.a. Sonoma Valley). Or, for a uniquely Sonoma County experience, take a vineyard bike ride, stopping at wineries along your route. Companies like Ace It Bike Tours and Getaway Adventures offer guided cycling experiences.

Family kayaking on the Russian River

For the aquatic adventurers, kayaking or canoeing down the Russian River builds muscle strength in the whole body (not just the arms), increases heart rate, increases endorphins, and offers plenty of sun-soaked vitamins. Elsewhere, float the Petaluma River, kayak along the shores of Bodega Bay, or SUP around Lake Sonoma. There are a plethora of options for guided tours and equipment rentals in our Kayaking & Canoeing Guide.

All these outdoor activities in Sonoma County are examples of moving meditations, a great way to connect with nature, bond with friends, and brings a whole new level of stressbusting. For that complete Sonoma County wellness workout, we recommend pairing these physical activities with a unique spa treatment to round out your day.

Farm Fresh Cuisine for a Cleaner, Happier Body and Mind

In Sonoma County, farm-to-table has always been a way of life. With local farms keeping our communities fed and restaurants stocked with seasonal bounties of produce, meats, seafoods, flowers, and more, farm-fresh food is a natural part of the culinary experience in Sonoma County.

farmers market vegetablesTake a stroll through our many farmers’ markets to discover how freshly and sustainably farmed foods are packed with more nutrients. Sink into seasonal peaches in the summer, Gravenstein apples in the fall, and tons of other fruits and veggies available year-round that are grown and harvested right here. Places like Apple-a-Day and Gabriel Farm even let you pick your own fruit.

singlethread farms
SingleThread Farm

Check out the many restaurants around Sonoma County sourcing foods from local farms, and notice how the frequently changing menus are based on ingredients that are in season, which in turn also help support a stronger immune system. Restaurants like SingleThread and the Girl and the Fig even have their own farms that supply their kitchens.

Sonoma County is also home to a number of vegan restaurants, and restaurants with menus that cater to different diets. Wild Goat Bistro and Jackson’s Bar and Oven, for example, have gluten-free pizzas, while La Gare has its own gluten-free menu. Other restaurants, such as Fern BarSunflower CaffĂ©, and Stockhome have clearly mark items on their menus for different diets. Finally, Slice of Life has a completely vegetarian menu, while Cozy Plum Bistro is completely plant-based.

Outdoor Yoga, Movement, and Fitness

Taking mindful movement classes in Sonoma County is like getting therapy for the brain, body, and spirit. Beyond the highly touted benefits of increased flexibility, muscle strength, and focused zen, enjoying yoga outdoors in the region’s most beautiful backdrops elevate a sense of overall happiness.

One of the best things about yoga and fitness is the ability to take your workout anywhere, allowing the terrain to push your boundaries. Challenges brought forth by uneven ground and varying surfaces strengthens flexible thinking by overcoming new vulnerabilities. Following the ebbs and flows of nature also means that fresh air fills our lungs and organs with quality oxygen with every breath. All of this leads to a happier, healther, whole you. There’s not much more you can ask of a vacation.

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