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Village Bakery, Santa Rosa
December 5, 2019

Village Bakery reopens at two new sites

Fans of Village Bakery can once again savor the smell of their fresh baked breads, pastries, and more at not just one but two new retail stores, both in Santa Rosa, in central Sonoma County. Owners...
Saini Vineyards, ZIN sign in vineyard
December 3, 2019

Saini Vineyards adds tasting room

Savor the results of four generations of wine grape growing expertise in the new tasting room at Saini Vineyards in northern Sonoma County. Great-grandfather Michele Saini came to the United States...
Duo wine tasting, Geyserville Inn
September 30, 2019

Geyserville Inn adds on-site wine tasting

Sample limited production wines from Etrusca and Tonti Family Wines in the new Duo tasting room at the Geyserville Inn, opening in mid-October 2019 in northern Sonoma County. Named for the ancient...