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Be Prepared

Sonoma County’s Mediterranean climate, distinguished by warm, wet winters and calm, dry summers, creates conditions that are ideal for travel and enjoyment of our region's many attractions, but also may result in occasional seasonal weather-related events. Please prepare your business for any potential occurrences by familiarizing yourself with the below information to ensure your guests are well-informed. We are also updating this page with any current fire industry news and toolkits.

Utility Facts

  • Three large utility companies, including PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company), San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison, are coordinating a "Power of Being Prepared" media campaign to inform residents and visitors about public safety power shutoffs during "very high" or "extreme" fire threats during summer and early-mid fall.
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  • PG&E is adding approximately 1,300 weather stations by 2022 to provide improved awareness of fire danger conditions.  There are currently 13 installed in Sonoma County. For more information on weather stations click here.
  • PG&E will be installing approximately 600 cameras by 2022 to enhance real-time monitoring across high fire-risk areas.  There are currently three cameras in Sonoma County, but the entire network of cameras can be viewed at any time here:
  • As a safety precaution, if elevated weather conditions include a potential fire risk, PG&E could shut off power in local cities and towns in Sonoma County.  Just like each day’s weather, circumstances for each Public Safety Power Shutoff will be unique.
  • A power shut down, which includes the weather event plus restoration time, could last several days. PG&E will only restore power when they are certain it is safe to do so.  For planning purposes, they suggest customers prepare for multiple-day outages.
  • Before turning off power, PG&E, and other California-based utility companies, will send early-warning notifications (48 hours in advance, when possible) by phone, text alerts and emails to prepare residents, businesses and visitors of possible shutdowns. Websites and social media channels will also share information and provide regular updates to local news and radio outlets.
  • PG&E customers may update their contact information here:
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Partners  Be Prepared

  • Sonoma County’s Mediterranean climate, distinguished by warm, wet winters and calm, dry summers, creates conditions that are ideal for agriculture, but also may result in occasional seasonal weather-related events.
  • Sonoma County is a large region encompassing more than 1,500 square miles. Most often weather-related issues occur in one portion of the county with the great majority of the area completely unaffected.
  • When traveling to any destination, especially during the peak time periods for weather-related events, visitors should be aware of the potential for a situation that will require immediate action. All travel-related cautions should be considered when making arrangements for any trip. 
  • Travelers should consult a reputable traveler checklist such as the following before traveling: Travelers from abroad click here and domestic travelers click here.
  • Sonoma County recently formed the Office of Recovery & Resiliency and is actively working on region-wide systems and programs to help ensure it is prepared for any weather-related event.
  • The media often overstates a situation to grab attention. Should media reports mention Sonoma County, consult either your lodging property or Sonoma County Tourism (800) 576-6662 or (707) 522-5800 or on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updated and accurate information.

Sonoma County Crisis Management Blueprint for Partners

Be prepared with this customizable crisis plan. Crisis preparation is essential to your business.

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