California and the American West are experiencing an enhanced threat from wildfire and drought. What used to be called “Dry Season”, the months between June and November, is now being referred to by the media as “fire season” in California. Climate change has exacerbated these impacts and prompted government leaders, individual communities, and industry to adapt -- working proactively and collectively to find solutions. California remains a safe destination with an abundance of experiences to enjoy year-round. Please prepare your business for any potential occurrences by familiarizing yourself with the following information to ensure your guests are well-informed.

Visitor Talking Points

  • Our first concern is always the safety and well-being of our residents and visitors.
  • Sonoma County’s Mediterranean climate, distinguished by warm, wet winters and calm, dry summers, creates conditions that are ideal for agriculture, but also may result in occasional seasonal weather-related events.
  • Sonoma County is a large region encompassing more than 1,500 square miles. Most often weather-related issues occur in one portion of the county with the great majority of the area completely unaffected.
  • When traveling to any destination, especially during the peak time periods for weather-related events, visitors should be aware of the potential for a situation that will require immediate action. Travelers can find safety tips and a checklist before traveling. All travel-related cautions should be considered when making arrangements for any trip.
  • Learn how to prepare, sign up and receive detailed information during active emergencies by visiting SoCo Emergency.
  • The media often overstates a situation to grab attention. Should media reports mention Sonoma County, consult either your lodging property or Sonoma County Tourism (800) 576-6662 or (707) 522-5800 or on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updated and accurate information.
  • A Public Safety Power Shutoff, also called a PSPS, occurs as a safety precaution to extreme weather. Although you might not be in a high fire-threat area or an area experiencing high winds, your power may be shut off if your home or business relies on a line that runs through an area with severe weather to help prevent wildfire and keep communities safe. Multiple factors are at play when deciding to turn off your power and we take the decision very seriously.
  • More Wildfire and drought talking points can be found here.

Sonoma County Crisis Management Blueprint

Crisis preparation is essential to your business. Be prepared with this customizable crisis plan.

Emergency Packet

You can find wildfire and emergency information for vacation rentals located in unincorporated Sonoma County here. If you have questions, please contact Kelly Bass Seibel, Vice President, Community Engagement.

Additional Resources

Be prepared and review the following information and toolkits:

Check the following during active incidents: