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Publicity Story Ideas

The stories about Sonoma County are tucked away in the magnificent coasts, meandering rivers, and vineyard-lined valleys. Here are some thought starters on our region's publicity stories: 

Reconnect with Nature/Forest Bathing:

Sonoma County is an outdoor enthusiast's dream, painted with historic redwoods and biodiverse open spaces that are ideal for a meditative stroll or a Shinrin-Yoku practice. Translated to English as "forest bathing", Shinrin-Yoku emerged out of Japan as a therapeutic way to connect with nature, focusing on all five senses to experience the surrounding birds, sounds, breezes, sights, and other sensations. It is a restorative practice that quiets the mind and breathing in the phytoncides that trees emit help relax the nervous system. With more than 60 state and regional parks, Sonoma County is a natural destination for forest therapy. For example, visitors can experience awe and wonder at Jack London State Park, where a 14-foot diameter giant redwood "Grandmother Tree" has stood still for the past 2000 years. Local luminary Jenny Harrow-Keeler often leads forest bathing walks at the Red Car Winery where she takes guests on a completely unique journey through the redwoods immersed within the vineyard for a truly transformative and impactful experience.

Small Businesses/The Barlow Makers:

Sonoma County is a place where artists create and makers make--but also where communities collaborate. About 85% of the businesses in Sonoma County are small or multigenerational family-run businesses. The Barlow is a demonstration of the artisanal community and small businesses working together to share their wares, be inspired by each other, leverage the land’s resources and even to get back to their roots. For example, indigenous Southern Pomo and Miwok Indian tribes used the bounty from the land to create handcrafted goods, like woven baskets, which is still practiced today and can be seen at the Barlow. 

Sonoma County is the perfect destination for Weddings in 2021: 

Sonoma County Tourism recently launched a new 2021 Wedding Guide full of the essential information needed to plan a unique, unforgettable celebration of love. Surrounded by towering redwoods, hundreds of pristine vineyards, rolling hills and stunning sunsets, Sonoma County is the ideal backdrop to say “I do”. Couples can curate their special day according to their interests whether that be a chic vineyard setting, or an exchange of vows under the enchanting canopy of redwood trees. Regardless of the size and style of the ceremony, Sonoma County is home to a wide range of unique vendors and venues who bring any engaged couple’s vision to fruition.

Harvest and Food and Beverage Spotlight:

Fall, from early September through mid-November, is harvest season in Sonoma County, and farmers are picking more than just grapes. As local crops reach ‘peak sweetness’, grapes beckon to be harvested and the vineyards and mountain ranges start to change color, Sonoma County offers a feast for both the eyes and the senses in restaurants, vineyards, markets and more. Whether you are looking for a jam-packed celebration of the best food and drink Northern California has to offer or a slower, restorative trip to appreciate the changing of the seasons, Sonoma County welcomes you to Harvest Season.

An Artistic-Led Community -- The Story of Sonoma Sound:

Sonoma County Tourism values artists and aims to infuse them into everything they do. An example of this is Sonoma Sound which tapped some of the most illustrious musicians throughout the destination to create a soundtrack inspired by the region’s diverse, maker-centric culture and landscapes. Created by local GRAMMY-recognized songwriter Cliff Goldmacher with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, Sonoma Sound encapsulates the ineffable beauty of the county and is part of an ongoing effort to highlight the local luminaries and unique stories that make Sonoma County special. 

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