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How to Get from Sonoma to the Beach

Bodega Bay is approximately one hour from the town of Sonoma, which makes it a slam-dunk destination for a perfect day trip.

And the drive to reach the beach offers major pleasure. The county’s west side holds an amazing network of beautiful back roads that pass through extensive meadows, redwood trees, vineyards, apple orchards, farms, roadside produce stands, narrow canyons bordered by steep cliffs and quaint villages dating back to the mid-19th century.

Small side roads frequently divert from the “main” two-lane roads, passing through less-traveled territory; they may branch a time or two—or even three—before joining up once again with one of the two-lane roads leading to the Pacific Ocean. That’s why even long-time residents haven’t explored all routes leading to the coast.

Here are two straightforward routes from Sonoma to the coast, each rich with only-in-Sonoma-County delights that you will treasure long after your return home. The first takes you to Bodega Bay, on the southern end of Sonoma’s coast. The second brings you to the point where the Russian River meets the ocean; from there you can travel north along a coastal route that ranks with the most beautiful on earth.

Destination: Bodega Bay

  1. Head out of Sonoma on CA-12 E/Broadway
  2. After about 2 miles, turn right onto Watmaugh Road
  3. In 2½ miles, turn right onto CA-116 W (Stage Gulch Road). Although you’ll be taking a few turns in the next few miles, you’ll remain on CA-116W until you reach the coast.
  4. Continue on Stage Gulch Road for 3.2 miles to Adobe Road, where you’ll turn right
  5. In approximately 4 miles, turn left onto Corona Road
  6. About 1½ miles later, at the traffic circle, take the second exit and stay on Corona Road
  7. Less than a mile later, continue onto Skillman Lane
  8. About 2.5 miles later, turn right onto Bodega Ave.
  9. In another 4.5 miles, continue onto Valley Ford Road
  10. Stay on Valley Ford Road for 10.5 miles until you reach CA-1—the coast highway!
  11. Turn north: Bodega Bay is less than 8 miles ahead

Ideas for your day on and around Bodega Bay:

Destination: Junction of Russian River/Pacific Ocean

  1. From Sonoma Plaza, turn left onto CA-12 W/West Napa St.
  2. Less than a mile later, turn right onto CA-12 W/Sonoma Highway
  3. In approximately 19 miles, stay straight to go onto Fourth St in Santa Rosa
  4. About 1 mile later, make a slight right onto College Ave.
  5. In a bit more than a mile, merge onto US-101N/Redwood Hwy N toward Eureka
  6. Nearly 4 miles later, take the River Road exit (Exit 494) toward Guerneville
  7. In ¼ mile, turn left onto Mark West Springs Road
  8. Mark West Springs Road almost immediately becomes River Road
  9. In 15 miles, River Road becomes CA-116 W. Soon you will enter the town of Guerneville.
  10. Continue on CA-116 through Guerneville, along the Russian River, for another 12 miles, when you will join CA-1

Ideas for your day exploring the northern coast of Sonoma County:

More info: Coast and Sea Villages

See Sonoma County's safety tips for water activities here.

Written by Sonoma Insider Suzie Rodriguez.

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