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Experience all that Sonoma Country has to offer with a heartfelt welcome from the people who have a passion for food, wine, art, and so much more. This national and international first-class destination is ideal for groups anytime of the year!  Find current updates on the Coronavirus and Travel to Sonoma County here. Contact our team for further details.

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Sonoma County Group Tour Ideas

Sonoma County offers a rich smorgasbord of sights and sounds. Tickle all your senses with choices that are sure to tempt you to stay longer. From racing to roses, history to Hollywood, and art to fine wine and cuisine, you can customize your travels by choosing from several areas of interest.

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Customizable Group Itinerary Ideas 

  • Culinary Wine Tour: From cows to cellars, this "country" experience will have you exploring farms, wineries and shops that create the amazing flavors that make up Sonoma County cuisine.

  • Art, History & Roses Tour: Gardens designed by world-famous landscape architects, rich history featuring writer Jack London and famed horticulturist Luther Burbank, and an amazing behind-the-scenes look at an artist’s studio are just a few highlights from this special tour.

  • Southern Sonoma County Tour: Sip an elegant sparkling wine or sample beer at microbreweries and distilleries. Tour a vineyard on horseback or on a covered wagon or find yourself transported to a Tuscan villa. Experience the excitement of being a racecar driver. Southern Sonoma Country offers an array of activities.

  • Central Sonoma County Tour: Along with wine and roses, Central Sonoma County presets memorable experiences including contemporary sculptures, sensory winery gardens, and classic cartoon icons – Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

  • Eastern Sonoma County Tour: Discover green, sustainable vineyards in the region that gave birth to California's burgeoning wine industry. Learn about the biodynamic wine making process, experience wine caves, and even blend your own wine. Along the way, soak up the history of Jack London's homestead and the northernmost California Mission.

  • Western Sonoma County Tour: Bubbles that tickle your nose, a walk through a Hitchcock movie location and a unique spa experience are only a taste of this amazing area of Sonoma County. Coastline views are even more spectacular when enjoyed with some premium sparkling wines.

  • Northern Sonoma County Tour: Whether you take a gondola tour of a vineyard, ride in a hot air balloon, kayak, bike, or walk, Northern Sonoma County is much more than just wine tasting, though that is abundant, too. Whatever your mode of transportation, this area gives a glimpse of a quieter, more laid back Sonoma County. It also serves as the gateway to California's majestic Redwoods.

  • California Tour Itineraries: Include Sonoma County in a larger Northern California or California itinerary by combining with San Francisco, Napa, Monterey, Tahoe, or Sacramento. Ask us how!

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