Handmade cheeses with name tags on display on a table
Bohemian Creamery

Order Sonoma County Products – Wine, Olive Oil, Cheese & More

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It's possible to taste Sonoma County, even when you can't be here, thanks to the many food products that have their roots (literally or figuratively) in this lush region.

Maybe you visited Sonoma County recently, traversing forested back roads, exploring tidal pools, hiking rugged trails, touring wineries in any of the 18 wine-growing regions - and, oh, so much more.

Or perhaps you grew up in the Russian River Valley, in Santa Rosa, or on a ranch out in the Carneros or below Sonoma Mountain - and now you reside somewhere else.

Whatever your story is, one thing is clear: Sonoma County keeps popping up in your thoughts. You miss it so much you can … well, you can almost taste it.

And because so many Sonoma County products are available online or in your local stores, you really can taste the wonderful bounty this area has to offer. Here's a quick overview of some of the Sonoma County products you can enjoy at home.


Bottles of wine lined up on a wooden table
Wines from Gundlach Bundschu Winery

When you discover your favorite must-have vintages while visiting Sonoma County, there are a number of options for packing and shipping wine back home. For details, read Tips on Shipping Wine Home From Sonoma County. And when you're back home, look for wines from Sonoma County's more than 425 wineries in your local stores, bars, and restaurants. Plus, many Sonoma County wineries offer wine club memberships, where they will periodically ship you bottles of wine, depending on where you live (because some state laws prohibit shipping wine direct to consumers).

Olive Oil & Vinegar

Bottles of olive lined up on a wooden platter with bread, olives, and purple grapes
B.R. Cohn Winery & Olive Oil Company

Think oil and vinegar are just for salad dressings, and it doesn't matter which ones you use? Think again. A limited edition extra virgin olive oil that's delicate and buttery is perfect for baking, roasting fish, or crafting a delicate sauce. One that's slightly stronger may taste nutty, or like ripe or green fruit, making it ideal for pesto, salads, and roasted vegetables. And the distinct taste of a robust and pungent olive oil is perfect for grilled meats, pasta sauces, and hearty soups. Use traditional balsamic vinegar for a marinade, classic Greek salad, or a reduction sauce, or try one with a natural flavor, like peach, coconut, or fig. For more ideas, read Olive Harvest Season in Sonoma County and then browse through our listings of Sonoma County Culinary Experiences for olive oil and vinegar producers, as well as other artisan food products.

Cheese & Dairy

Homemade blocks of feta cheese from goats milk
Feta cheese from Redwood Hill Farm - Capracopia

Fertile soil and a mild climate mean that Sonoma County includes wonderful dairy farmland, with a thriving community of artisan cheese makers, where handcrafting cheese is an art form and a labor of love. Sonoma County's award-winning local cheeses are available in many grocery stores and specialty cheese shops nationwide. While you're here, follow the California Cheese Trail map in Sonoma County and visit some of the nearly 30 cheese makers who craft cow, goat, sheep, and even water buffalo cheeses. Then watch for Sonoma County labels when you're back home. For more details, browse through our listings of Sonoma County Culinary Experiences for cheese makers and other artisan food products.


Gourmet food, fine wine, and killer chocolate it's a natural combination in Sonoma County, where good food and good living go hand in hand. Of course, this isn't ordinary chocolate. This is crafted by hand, in small batches, with flavors like Bordeaux walnut dipped in semi-sweet ganache and dark chocolate, dark chocolate dipped in ganache and fiery ancho chile dots, or even a cheddar white chocolate or rosemary goat cheese chocolate truffle. For more delicious possibilities, check our listings of Sonoma County Culinary Experiences for chocolate makers and other handcrafted food products.

Honey, Jam & Condiments

A woman holds a jar of jam that she made
Petaluma Fog Jam from Lala's Jam Bar and Urban Farmstand

Sonoma County farms and small businesses offer a rich variety of old fashioned jams, marmalades, preserves, jellies, no-sugar-added fruit spreads, gourmet mustards, marinades, barbecue sauces, unique specialty sauces, and hummus and other dips of all styles and flavors. Add a distinctive taste of Sonoma County to your meals by opening a jar or bottle and bringing Wine Country into your home. Look through our listings of Sonoma County Culinary Experiences for producers of jams, jellies, condiments, and other handcrafted food products.

Breweries, Distilleries & Cideries

Two bottles of beer. One is called Blonde Voyage and the other Dark Sarcasm
Barrel Brothers Brewing Company

Sonoma County boasts a thriving (and delicious) artisan beverage community, with more than two dozen craft breweries, 10 cider works, and more than a dozen distilleries plus more coming soon. The county even offers a Craft Beverage map that lets you keep track of this growing industry of dedicated brewers and producers, so you can ask for them in stores, bars, and restaurants near you. Read Get to Know Famous Sonoma County Breweries and 5 Sonoma County Distilleries You Should Know, and check our listings of Sonoma County Breweries, Distilleries, and Cider Houses